Throwback Thursday turns into Thankful Thursday

When Throwback Thursday turns into Thankful Thursday.

This was 4 years ago, before the diagnosis of AUTISM.

Nichole was 15 and Jessa was 3 and we smiled differently.

Jessa loved to dance, dress up, smile for the camera, loud noises, and flashing lights she ALWAYS has.

All of these things are known to be disliked by children on the spectrum.

If I didn’t mention that Jessa has Autism would you have known by looking at the picture and video?

Girls have a harder time getting diagnosed with Autism because they can mask their characteristics.

Jessa got diagnosed with Autism in April of 2017.

As a baby, my instincts told me she was a special one, which she already was since she’s our rainbow baby.

Even though she wasn’t meeting milestones we still had to have multiple tests done to get a diagnosis.

So I’m reminded today that I’m blessed that we did get an early diagnosis compared to other girls.

I’m also very THANKFUL to my oldest daughter Nichole for being such a strong person.

She went through a lot as a teenager having to see her sissy and parents struggle through this new diagnosis that changed our lives.

Sweet Pea, you truly are one of a kind.

Joel, my husband, Jessa’s Daddy.

How did I get so lucky?

I’m truly THANKFUL for all you do for us and especially for Jessa.

May you continue to twirl your Princess on the dance floor, teach her your smooth moves 😉

Thankful for these memories to remind me how JOYful life is.

Nichole and Jessa 2017
Daddy and Daughter Dancing

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