Unsung Heroes

Our ABA Center has truly been a blessing in disguise, they’re our unsung heroes. From the diagnostic Dr., the Clinical Directors, BCBA’s, RBT’s, ST’s, OT’s that have ALL made a tremendous impact on Jessa’s Journey and have paved the way for her future.

We truly can’t thank thank y’all enough you all are HEROES in our and Jessa’s eyes!!

Jessa has officially been attending Action Behavior Centers – ABA Therapy for Autism for 3 years this month of April!!

It’s fitting since it’s also Autism Acceptance/Awareness Month.

It’s been Life-changing for all of us as a family.

When Jessa first started ABA at the age of 4 she was eloping, she was completely nonverbal, she had at least 4-5, 45 minutes or longer meltdowns a day, she was aggressive, she wasn’t potty trained, she couldn’t sit at a table for longer than 4 seconds, she didn’t answer to her name, and she hated artwork.


Jessa can now walk places with or without holding our hands. We are always on standby though because she’s sneaky and the fastest little girl I’ve ever known.

Jessa is still considered nonverbal since she can’t communicate on demand. She can tell us what she does want now like foods, places, and people. She makes it very well known what she DOESN’T wants and is very loud and clear about it.

Jessa still has meltdowns but they now last 1-2 minutes and maybe 1-2 a day!! A HUGE difference from 3 years ago, this to me has saved our sanity. Those screeches are intense.

Jessa has learned to control her aggression and behaviors a little more but this is hard to do when you can’t communicate your emotions, feelings, and wants. She’s learned to no longer bite, and attack others. Unfortunately, it’s led to more self-injurious behavior but we are currently fighting through this.

Potty training was a difficult task that I have to give full credit to ABA. We followed through at home and on the weekend but they worked for almost a full year until Jessa mastered it!! Jessa was fully potty trained with no more accidents at 5 ½, definitely later than others her age but again this is hard when you can’t communicate and when you have sensory processing disorder.

Jessa can now at age 7 sit at a table for 5 minutes or longer depending on if it’s a preferred activity or not. She now loves to paint, color, do arts and crafts, and do kindergarten-level table work. I honestly never thought she would like crafts but this Mommy is over the moon excited since that’s my ultimate favorite hobby!

We’re extremely proud of how far you’ve come
Jessa Monique
and we will continue to guide you to be the best version of yourself that you were destined to be!

You’re truly a JOY in our life!!

Thank you ABC for everything!!

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