Princess day at the Ballpark

Jessa did AMAZING yesterday at Princess Day at the Ballpark!! We got to meet Anna & Elsa, Jasmine, Tiana and saw Ariel singing!!

Depending on what day Jessa is having, we can enjoy the local baseball team Round Rock Express!! At times it can be overwhelming and loud for her, but she’s learning how to adapt. Luckily, this Ballpark is very family-friendly. It has a lawn area which I highly recommend for kiddos, and a playscape area. The $1 hot dogs and drinks were the icings on the cake!

We’ve tried taking her to things like this years before, but it was not as successful. She would have a hard time waiting in line. Yesterday we had to wait in line, but Jessa did great with having a calm body, waiting her turn, and smiling for her pictures!!

Don’t give up hope on being able to accomplish this with your child.

They will come around on their time!!

joyofjessa #autism #autismfamily #roundrockexpress #jessamonique #disneyprincess


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