The Joy of Jessa Singing

Jessa is considered Non-verbal. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the young age of 3.

One of her first signs of Autism was that she had no words, no language. It was a guessing game.

I used to cry and wish that I could hear my sweet daughter talk, say, I Love You, call me Mom.

I learned to accept that this may never happen, and I learned to LOVE the slight humming that she does to stim and soak up that contagious giggle.

Jessa has ALWAYS loved to listen to music, watch videos, and SING!!

Singing brings Jessa so much JOY!!

Do you ask how she can sing but be considered nonverbal?

Well, that’s because Jessa can’t communicate on-demand, and she will only talk to certain people and usually after being prompted.

Jessa gets shy and sometimes stops when I try to record her, but when she’s in her comfort zone, she puts on a show!!

When Jessa sings, she puts so much emotion, articulates her words, and truly brings out her personality.

I cry happy tears now because I never thought I would hear her talk more or less sing!! Her voice and confidence bring me so much JOY!

Keep SINGING, Jessa; I know you will bring JOY to so many people with your talent and charm!!

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