My Mom has to be by far the MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN in my life.

I would give her the Title WONDER WOMAN. 

She somehow managed to ALWAYS provide for my brother and me. I still wonder how the heck she kept it together and still gave us support, love, which taught us confidence and independence.

When I was little, she helped me learn to get dressed, brush my hair, and was the person who came running when I shouted for help. 

She sacrificed so much for us and never once made us feel like we were left empty-handed. Our bellies and hearts were full, and we had AC; in Texas, that’s a necessity. So I can say my Mom was WINNING!!

She has always helped me throughout the good and the bad in my life. Even though we have had our fair share of disagreements and hardships, she was still my Mom and has been by my side through it all, and now she is my BFF, and we talk at least once a day.

When things went wrong in my life, and I pushed everyone away, she still protected my oldest daughter and me. You were a dispenser of unconditional love to her and me.

Not only did my Mom help me raise my oldest daughter Nichole, but she also instilled respect, honesty, and cleanliness (if you don’t know, I HATE cleaning) into her. Nichole is the young lady she has become because she has such an AMAZING Role Model.

She protected me enough to learn how to grow strong and tough like she has ALWAYS been and reminded me that my Daughter is who I needed to be a better person for. 

She is the reason I’m a fighter and advocate for my daughters, a forgiver, and the voice of my value.

I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.

She is by far the most thoughtful Grandmother you could hope for. She has always taken all of her Grandchildren out shopping and to the restaurant of their choice for their Birthdays. Plus will still get them a present for the party. I won’t even get started on what she does for Holidays.

My mom is Jessa’s person.

If you didn’t know, Jessa is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and is considered Nonverbal. It can be hard and emotional to be around Jessa, but my Mom has never let us feel that way. 

Jessa LOVES her Grandma. Their relationship is one of a kind.

Jessa doesn’t interact with many people or spend days with them, but there’s something about GRANDMA that Jessa gravitates to. It’s not something that we can teach others—Jessa bonds with her people.

We are BLESSED that my Mom is near us now, since “home” is 6 hours away. 

I want to THANK my MOM for ALWAYS being my WONDER WOMEN!! 

You are indeed a Blessing and are so JOYFUL that you are on this Journey with us. 



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