Yup, she still is dressing herself and I just let her be! I got tired of fighting with her to dress what society wants to see. I decided to let her have fun with it and if someone wants to stare, comment or laugh, just let them.

So here she is with a warm fleece set on the bottom with a snug Moana dress on top. The hoodie is out, sleeves and legs are rolled up and she’s sporting her one and only Pink Crocs!!

Mind you it’s 28 degrees so maybe she’s just trying to feel warm with the Moana vibes.

This girl right here has been ON FIRE!!!

In a Good Way!!

She has been doing so well at school. We have our moments because she prefers Birthday Parties and Recess at Hippo School but we redirect and try to stay positive by saying “You’re going to have so much FUN, Jessa.”

Jessa has been enjoying getting invited to Friend’s Birthday Parties and Playdates, this is new to us since she never had a desire to play with other peers. It’s sweet to see her interact with her new friends.

Since starting public school, Jessa now rides the SCHOOL BUS HOME!!! Yes, I am screaming, I would never have thought and trusted her on a bus years prior. This is HUGE for us! Except we had a little hiccup a couple of weeks ago because our Little Party Girl thought that she’d take advantage of the substitute bus driver and start her Party Bus!!! Yup, my non-verbal, ID, Autistic Daughter independently took her seat belt off, and started Rowling everyone else up by running up and down the aisle Yelling,” Whoo HOO Party Bus!!! PARTY PARTY PARTY!!” Needless to say, they all got special seat belts on Monday and the Party Bus came to a complete halt fast!!

We are still working on how to accept no, and not be so demanding but I honestly think that’s just her personality. Not sure where she picked that up from??

Jessa is still working hard on communication and life skills but she sure can figure out ways to let us know what she needs and wants. Sometimes it’s not all necessary, for example, she didn’t NEED 10 dolls last week BUT when she is determined to get “Many Toys” and not just one this Momma gave in. I mean how can I not, she said Please. So getting what she wants is defínetly not a challenge for her.

We are so grateful that we have found an amazing team for Jessa and that we have such supportive family, friends, and community.

Every day we are learning new and different ways to help Jessa live the life she deserves. It’s not always easy but as a parent, you take any sacrifice so your child feels included and loved.

Jessa has made me so proud these past 6 months, I never once doubted her but others have and she is proving them wrong!!


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