The Joy of Jessa Singing

Jessa is considered Non-verbal. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the young age of 3.

One of her first signs of Autism was that she had no words, no language. It was a guessing game.

I used to cry and wish that I could hear my sweet daughter talk, say, I Love You, call me Mom.

I learned to accept that this may never happen, and I learned to LOVE the slight humming that she does to stim and soak up that contagious giggle.

Jessa has ALWAYS loved to listen to music, watch videos, and SING!!

Singing brings Jessa so much JOY!!

Do you ask how she can sing but be considered nonverbal?

Well, that’s because Jessa can’t communicate on-demand, and she will only talk to certain people and usually after being prompted.

Jessa gets shy and sometimes stops when I try to record her, but when she’s in her comfort zone, she puts on a show!!

When Jessa sings, she puts so much emotion, articulates her words, and truly brings out her personality.

I cry happy tears now because I never thought I would hear her talk more or less sing!! Her voice and confidence bring me so much JOY!

Keep SINGING, Jessa; I know you will bring JOY to so many people with your talent and charm!!

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Picnic at the Park

Fun Picnic at the Park with our Best Friends.

I’ve always wanted to do this with Jessa since she was a toddler but unfortunately, until recently, Autism prevented that. 

Since Jessa also has a Sensory Processing Disorder the Joy of being able to go to the Park can be very overwhelming for her. 

The loud noises of first responder sirens, people’s music, infants crying, a dog barking, the laughter you name it Jessa was affected by it. 

I’m slowly learning how to help her overcome this anxiety and fear that comes with Autism.

I started hinting at the idea yesterday to see what her response would be. She instantly said “yes please” and giggled with JOY. 

This morning I checked the weather with excitement and made sure to pack some yummy snacks, a blanket, and of course the hand sanitizer. 

While getting dressed she could hardly keep still because she was excited about her picnic with friends. 

She even asked to take her favorite activity. Which is a water painting doodle mat that she received for her birthday. That was back in October, and she’s still enjoying it.

We picked our spot on the grass and enJOYed the beautiful, sunny 60-degree weather and company of our Friends. 

After eating our snacks, playing, and running in circles Jessa requested to go on a walk. 

So Jessa, her BFF, and I took a little stroll and we soaked it all in. 

The dogs, ducks, bicycles, leaves, rocks and even some Horses!! 

Remember we’re from Texas they can pop up at any time. 

Oh and I can’t forget about the lesson on Stevie Ray Vaughn, we stopped and got some advice from the Guitar Guru. 

I take for granted that we live in a suburb of such a Beautiful City, I’m going to make more of an effort to enJOY Austin. 

Today was a day that I didn’t think Jessa would ever ask for. 

Don’t give up on your children, they’ll come around on their own time.

Fashionista Friyay


Today was Day 21 of being in Quarantine, we are counting our Blessings and are happy to say it’s OVER!!  

Jessa and I NEEDED to get out and when I asked her where she would like to go she squealed “Popcorn Store” aka Target. 

I didn’t even think twice, who doesn’t love Target. 

I picked out the jeans and shirt but I guess it wasn’t good enough for my little lady. 

While I got dressed, Jessa took it upon herself to accessorize. 

Of course with all my stuff because what little girl doesn’t want to play with their Mom’s stuff. 

She is Rockin’ my favorite pink baseball hat. 

She’s wearing the belt from my robe to use as a scarf.

One of my black snow gloves, in case it snows again. Which it won’t, we live in TX. 

She finished the look with my pink wrist wrap as a bangle bracelet. 

Oh and she can’t forget the Crocs, the girl lives in them!! Every color and style. 

This brings so much JOY to my heart. 

Even though it may look silly to others, Jessa put this together all on her own, and to me it’s the BEST OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

A year ago Jessa didn’t have any desire or cared how we dressed her. 

So to see her personality and character Shine today just brought me tears of JOY and Happiness. 

So off we went to the Popcorn Store dressed to impress! 

I think Jessa got overwhelmed with excitement because we live 7 minutes away from Target and she didn’t make it. 

I didn’t have the heart to not take her so I let her nap in the car while I clipped my coupons.

Unfortunately, Popcorn isn’t being sold right now because our county is still at stage 5 due to Covid so no food or drinks are being sold. 

Except for Starbucks, luckily if not I would’ve had a meltdown. 

I was shocked and relieved that Jessa did NOT have any problems with accepting the fact that there was no popcorn. 

So we walked Target aisle per aisle and enJOYed our Fashionista Friyay!! 

Mommy Hugs

This is currently my FAVORITE 2 word phrase. 

Especially because it’s coming from my loving (when she wants), sweet (when she wants) but Always cute little Jessa. This is how she asks for cuddles, I know it’s Adorable.

This is her way of communicating her needs, whether it’s emotional or physical or both because of Autism. I’m still trying to figure it out. but for the moment I’m just enjoying the request. 

It honestly brings tears to my eyes when she asks for hugs. 

Jessa is 7, she’s never once voluntarily told me she loves me or anyone for that matter. We just know and feel that she does. So when she asks for Mommy Hugs you’re darn right I jump to command!! 

Jessa is considered Non Verbal, because she will not communicate with you upon asking or demand. 

She listens and understands what you’re saying but you’re in her world and she’s not ready to answer you. 

She can now say what she wants and needs which is a HUGE, because when she couldn’t it was HARD.

I’m sure Joel feels the same way when she asks for Daddy Hugs too. She may or may not say this twice as much or said it first but that’s not what matters here Lol

You can imagine the JOY, LOVE, and HAPPINESS we feel when those 2 words are said by Jessa. There was a time we thought we’d never be able to hear her talk, so we’re Blessed to be able to hear that Little Minnie Mouse Voice of hers. 

So even though Jessa can’t voluntarily say “I Love you Mommy” now, which I know she will one day, I’m just going to enJOY  “Mommy Hugs” 🙂

Who knows how long this will last, gotta get my hugs in before those Teenage years.