Meet Dr. Lisa Peña the voice of The MOCHA Diaries, which I’m proud to say is a native from South Texas. Which is where I call “Home.”

Not only is Lisa a Full-Time Pharmacist, but she is also a Proud Coach’s Wife, and coincidentally for my Alma Mater. GO FALCONS!!

She is also a Mom of 3 Beautiful Children.

Lisa has generously worn so many hats as a Special Needs Mom, Advocate, and Friend which she wears with so much grace, love, and compassion.

She is the author of “WAITING FOR THE LIGHT BULB: the ramblings of a crazy, gritty Mom.” A memoir about the first ten years of her daughter’s life so her other children have a piece of their family history.

This book personally had me in tears the whole way through, I related so much to her and her daughter. I felt like she was telling my story from her perspective and guiding me while holding my hand.

It was crazy how I connected so much with a person all through her book, at that moment I knew God had put her in my life for a reason.

I then began to follow Lisa on Facebook and started hearing all of her blogs. Her voice and storytelling just ease my soul. Anytime we are having a rough day in the Reyes’ Residence I listen to one of Lisa’s stories and it helps me get through the hard times.

She was the first person from the Rio Grande Valley that I found that was advocating for the Special Needs Community and she inspired me to do the same within the Latino community. This is huge for our community. We need more voices!!

Like I mentioned Lisa is a Blogger, but she’s one of a kind. She also records herself as she tells her story and that’s hard to do. Being vulnerable when you write is already difficult but try speaking about it, it just makes it that more real.

Lisa is also a motivational speaker for the Special Needs Community and has been featured on @Today Show for International Women’s Day (I told you she’s a Wonderful Woman.)

She is also the Co-Founder for non-profit Labeled and Loved where she serves as the VP, executive producer of the podcast, website designer and content creator, and blog editor. Not to mention plans a fun weekend for Special Needs Moms to be able to enjoy each other’s company, make lifelong friends and just make us feel wanted and appreciated.

Lisa also started a series of stories The M.O.C.H.A. Diaries- MOMS OF CHILDREN THAT HAVE AUTISM.

Lisa has given other Mom’s the opportunity to share their personal story without feeling guilty, shameful, or without anyone even knowing it’s your story. Lisa interviews these mamas and then in her own words tells this beautiful story about their Journey.

It’s amazing to hear everyone’s different perspectives, struggles, and wins.

Everyone has something, no two stories will ever be the same. All of our children are unique and amazing in their special way.

Lisa has given me the privilege and honor to be a M.O.C.H.A. our story still hasn’t been published yet but keep an ear out. I challenge you to listen to these stories and see if you can tell which M.O.C.H.A. I am.

Lisa is one of the first people that made me realize our Journey was special and that people needed to hear our story. She’s such a JOY to talk to and knows how to make a girl feel LOVED.

When Lisa interviewed me I felt like I had known her for years!! We just had so much in common. Since we both grew up in South Texas we share a lot of the same beliefs and culture. Lisa and I are also the same age so we can relate to so many things in our generation as a Latina.

The main thing I admire about Lisa is that she is a Breast Cancer Survivor. After losing my best friend to Breast Cancer I know how difficult the battle can be and how it affects your whole world. Even though Lisa was battling for her life she still took the time to give back to others and was a loving wife and mother.

Her strength, faith, and resilience are not to be reckoned with, SHE IS A SURVIVOR.

She’s a WONDERFUL WOMAN “Building Radical Empathy One Story at a Time.”

Thank you, Lisa, for everything you have done for our community and hopefully, I can finally meet you in person at the Labeled and Loved Retreat.

Elementor #1424


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